Roasted Tomatillo & Pasilla Chile Salsa

makes about 2 cups of salsa

It’s a new year, I’m a whole year older, and that means it’s time for some spicy salsa! Then again, who needs to ever justify eating spicy salsa? Not this lady.
Ever since I was a little youngling, I’ve been a fiend for all things spicy. I put hot sauce on almost every meal I eat because…why not? Cholula, Sriracha, and Clancy’s Fancy are a few of my favorites, but nothing beats a really outstanding homemade salsa. I don’t make salsa enough for how easy it is, but maybe this recipe will change that. I’ve been criticized many times for putting so much hot sauce on my food that I can’t even taste what the actual food tastes like, but their my taste buds and let me do what I want with them, please.
This salsa is both easy to make and doesn’t take a long time. As you’re sautéing or grilling your veggies for taco night, the chiles and tomatillos can be roasting away. All you have to do is blend everything up and eat the salsa right when it’s done blending. Yes, it is superbly tasty when it’s still hot.

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Portobello Thyme Hummus

It’s getting close(ish) to Halloween and that means it’s vampire season! This hummus is to ward those crazy beings off because it is super garlicky. Actually, I’ve never been into vampires but when garlic season comes around, it’s hard not to think of them. The garlic I used for this recipe is from the local farmer’s market. It is striped with beautiful streaks of purple and looks like no garlic I’ve ever seen in a supermarket.

This hummus is garlicky, but that flavor is roasted garlic, not spicy, gnarly, raw garlic. It’s complemented by the earthy mushrooms and thyme and is a great autumn hummus recipe.
We are only 16 days away from Halloween and I have NO clue what I’m going to be. I always have great costume ambitions, but those intentions rarely manifest themselves when the day comes. If you have any ideas, share you thoughts in the comments, I can use some help!

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Grilled Beet & Corn Arbol Chile Salsa

makes about 1 pintSnacking during summertime is one of my favorite activities. There are so many options of fresh fruits and veggies, it’s almost hard to go wrong. Looking around at local farm stands and farmers’ markets tends to dissuade many people from buying locally because the prices can be exorbitant. However, either these prices are completely fair and you will be getting more than you pay for because the quality is usually exceptional.  Or, you will find an amazing deal because the vendors can’t keep their produce forever.  Don’t be intimidated by the prices, because usually a deal is to be had!
I went to a local farm stand earlier this week where they were selling fresh beets. They were undoubtably fresh beyond comparison to what one may find in a grocery store, and they were all sorts of colors!  A bunch of 4 beets was $5, which is a bit pricey but I knew I was paying for locally grown, fresh-out-of-the-ground beets.  I bought local corn, too and each ear was around $0.75.The salsa is quite spicy with a perfect hit of sweet from the corn. And, yes I know, this is not the most photogenic thing I’ve put on my blog and I guess I’m just going with this gross color scheme right now. BUT I promise it tastes splendid and you’ll be wanting to put it on all of your tortilla chips.Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!

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Rhubarb & Thyme Lemon Curd

makes approx. 1 pint

If you aren’t a rhubarb fan, and still read my blog, I thank you because I go a little crazy when rhubarb comes into season i.e.: here, here, here, and here.  That said, I have another recipe featuring the lovely stalk for you today! And if you are a hater, fear not because I think you’ll like this one.

This recipe was inspired by my ventures in Sweden. For the last five nights of my trip, my family and I stayed in hotels that offered breakfast. At both of the hotels we inhabited for those few night, each had a jar of lemon curd just waiting to be spread on anything and everything.  The lemon curd was outstanding at both hotels and when I got back home, I found myself craving the buttery, sweet spread.


If you’ve never had lemon curd you have to try it. Saying the name always sends shivers down my spine…curd…gross. But, it’s not anything like what, say, a cheese curd is. It is an extremely smooth spread that goes great with everything from on top of toast to mixed in with plain yogurt.  It is very sweet so I advise if you decide to put it on something like waffles or pancakes (which is amazing) to use the lemon curd and not to override it with maple syrup.

I’m immensely excited to share this recipe with you all because I can’t stop eating it, and I hope you won’t be able to either!  It’s sweet, smooth, and has a lovely tangy aspect (thanks, rhubarb!). The actual lemon curd recipe isn’t mine because Jamie’s is too perfect to alter. I promise you won’t be displeased.

Let’s get a’spreading!

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Tangelo & Plum Chia Marmalade

**Disclaimer** This was supposed to be posted a week ago, but Blogger failed a bit

makes 1 1/2 cups of jam

I’m pretty sure my affinity for tangelos is greater than my love for mangoes or berries at the moment.  And that, you guys, must be some sort of feat.  Have you ever tried the lovely fruit? If not, I highly recommend you go to the store RIGHT now and buy one.  They are the perfect balance of sweet with that citrusy tang.  Plus, they’re so easy to peel and I’m just so excited that I’ve found a new favorite fruit!

My excitement may also be heightened by the fact that I’m completely finished with deciding what school I’m going to next year and all my stars are aligning! I just have so much to look forward to and I’m jumping off the walls with excitement.

Yesterday I went to see where I’ll be living next year and now I feel like this whole college thing is actually happening.  Up until now I’ve felt like it’s something that is happening in the far future but now I actually have to figure out what to buy when living on my own and other tasks that I don’t usually do for myself.  I used to be scared for all of this stuff but honestly I’m really excited to have to do things on my own.

This chia marmalade is an homage to going on new adventures and finding new things that I love.  It’s the perfect compliment to a bowl of oatmeal or ice cream and I highly advise that you get a batch going!


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Cranberry Apple Butter

makes 1 pint

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, my loves!

This Christmas I’ve been trying to focus on taking time to love others and not getting stressed over getting people material items.  I’ve handmade most of my gifts and I am pretty stoked about that.  Although I am not nor ever was religious, I think the holidays (I hate saying Christmas because not everyone celebrates) is a time when everyone can be extra happy and love one another.  So, I hope you’ve all had the chance to spend oodles of time with your friends and family.   Have a lovely day, and make sure to spread joy and cheer.

Speaking of joy…this butter/spread/jam/whatever you want to call it makes me joyful.  It’s tart and sweet makes the perfect toast or waffle topping.

Let’s eat and be merry!
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Tequila Cream Sauce

serves 4-5

Vodka sauce reminds me of fifth grade.  A friend of mine brought pasta with this lovely sauce atop it and everyone was astonished.  My little friends in hushed voices whispered, “VODKA?!”…”Isn’t that alcohol??”.  Nevertheless, my friend still boasted about her vodka sauce.  And me?  I fell in love with it’s creaminess instantly.

When my mom makes pasta, she usually accompanies it with a fresh tomato sauce sans cream.  However, creamy sauce is the way to go every once in a while.  I’d been dreaming about making my own “vodka” sauce for a while but I wanted to make it different.  And that’s where tequila came into play.

This sauce is actually really rad.  It’s nice a creamy and has just a hint of tequila tang.

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Berry Maple Chia Jam + English Muffins

yield 1 3/4 cups jam

T-minus 8 days until school is out for the summer, you guys.  I (almost) cannot contain my excitement. Another thing I am so excited about is this recipe.  Well, sort of two but only one is mine.

I’ve been wanting to make English muffins for a few weeks now but I haven’t been able to find the time.  But today is the first day in a little while that I have zero commitments.  Not even a little one.  So, I decided to but my time to use and make them.  I used the recipe from King Arthur Flour but tweaked it a bit (look in my tips section).  I thought I would share the recipe with you, but it’s too close to theirs that I would feel like a phony.  However, make them!  The recipe is so tasty and I still can’t get over that I made English muffins today.
Since I couldn’t was afraid to alter the muffin recipe to make it my own, I needed a little somethin’ somethin’ to share with y’all.  Bam! Jam!  I read Cookie + Kate about each day when I’m in school so I can daydream about making food.  Her recipes are amazing and lately she’s been making chia seed jams.  I wanted to know what all the hype was about, and I now definitely understand.
Chia seed jam is easy to make, requires little attention, has minimal added sugar, and requires only four ingredients.  It’s darn good, let me tell you.

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Basic Hummus

yield 2 cups hummus

Hummus is one of the stupidest things we buy at the store.  Why?  Because it takes, like, FIVE MINUTES TO MAKE! Plus, the homemade stuff is loads better than the stuff at the store.

So, I would like to share with you my “always have stocked in your house” hummus.  This hummus is simple yet tangy.  Salty but not overpoweringly so.The reason I use the juice from the beans is because it really adds more flavor to the hummus.  However, studies have shown that it’s supposedly “bad” for you.  If you agree with that statement, just add around 1/8 cup of water.  It should taste almost as good..but not perfect ;).Well, I don’t have much else to say except for…

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Artichoke Wasabi Hummus

makes 1 1/2 cups hummus

I’ve found my new favorite Netflix show.  It’s called Lie to Me and I think you all should watch it.  This show is about a psychologist who catches criminals by detecting their micro expressions.  Therefore, it’s based on actual psychological findings.  I’m watching it as I write this post which really is a terrible habit, but whatever.

Anyway, let’s talk food.  My all time favorite food is sushi.  When I was little I could never wait for the sushi to start eating, so when they would put the pickled ginger and wasabi in front of me, I’d eat that.  I know: weird.  So, I’ve always loved wasabi also.

Wasabi is a root kind of like horseradish.  It’s spice is different from the spice of peppers because it isn’t created by oil.  I guess this is sort of cool because the spicy sensation it gives your tongue, nose, and eyes is short-lived.  Except, it really is intense.

I thought, why not but some wasabi powder in hummus. You can get this stuff at any Asian market but I bet Whole Foods has it too.  I was scared at first because I thought the powder would be super spicy and adding only a bit would overpower everything.  Wrongo.  I actually had to keep adding powder because the flavor wasn’t coming out at all.  But, I did it and this hummus tastes awesome.  Also, it’s not very spicy, so that burning sensation won’t occur.  It just tasted damn good.
Greek mixed with japanese?  Yeah, try it asap.

Let’s do it!

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