Cherry, Rhubarb, & Rosemary Galette

one 12” galette

New photo by Quinn G / Google Photos

It’s cherry season, folks, and as I mentioned here, there’s a cherry tree in my driveway. Sooooo, that means I made something even easier than pie. AKA a galette, which sounds way more complex because it’s a French word, but it’s even easier than pie, and pie is pretty darn easy. I think of a galette as a rustic hand pie, but galette sounds cooler, so yeah, I’m going to go with that.
Anywho, cherries + rhubarb + rosemary = sweet but not too sweet happiness. The rosemary in this confection totally makes it. It was honestly a last minute idea, but man was it ever a good one. I think the dessert gods whispered to my unconscious telling me I will think of myself as a genius if I added rosemary.

New photo by Quinn G / Google Photos
New photo by Quinn G / Google Photos

I made this galette for Father’s Day because my step-dad is the ultimate cherry lover. Anything with cherries is pretty much fair game for that guy. And the fact that I picked these cherries a mere 24 hours before making them into a crunchy, chewy, sweet confection made is 100x better! Who doesn’t love free produce they can pick literally out their front door? It’s totally a dream come true.

New photo by Quinn G / Google Photos
New photo by Quinn G / Google Photos

Enough writing because at this point I’m babbling away as I do/I think my college writing skills have gone into hibernation after getting out of school for spring. That is BAD NEWS, so I’ll try harder next time. Just go on and make this galette (hopefully with local cherries if you live in an area with them!). Maybe even go around wherever you live and hunt for cherry trees! Eeee so exciting, I tell you!
OH, also…invest in a cherry pitter if you want anything to do with turning fresh cherries into treats/just need to pit large quantities of them. It will make you a happy human.

Let’s get a pittin’!

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Rhubarb & Lavender Scones

makes 8 scones

I’m pretty passionate about rhubarb, and if you’ve followed my blog you may have noticed that at this point. Luckily there’s a bunch of rhubarb ripening in the garden I’m working for and I’m stoked to say the least. The rhubarb I used in this recipe sadly was not from the gardens, but it needed to be used. I think a lot of people are intimidated by rhubarb because it isn’t sweet or savory, it’s just really really sour. I, for one, love eating little chunks of raw rhubarb, but people look at me with concern when I tell them that. So, since no one is into that, I tend to use rhubarb in sweet concoctions all sugared up and tasty! I’ve put rhubarb into a lemon curd, pies (my favorite), and even pickles, plus lots more (like here and here!

Rhubarb is one of my favorites because I think it’s super versatile. Its a great ingredient to throw into a pie or a cake or whatever to give it a springy taste. It always puts a lil’ smile on my face. Hopefully I’ll be getting a lot more rhubarb into my kitchen from the gardens soon because I have some ideas a’brewin’, my friends! Oh, and the lavender in these scones make me swoon. I hope it does the same for you!
Side note: HAVING A KITCHEN AGAIN IS THE GREATEST. I’m not sure if I could have gone much longer without. Putting love and fun into the food that I eat makes me so much happier than plopping it onto my plate from a buffet. Mmmm I just could not be more excited right now!
I hope this scone recipe makes your Monday bright and summery, friends!

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Let’s get back to it!

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Salted Ginger Molasses Cookies

yield 40 cookies

It is officially winter and we have snow to prove it! Yesterday, my mom, nana, and I spent the majority of the day baking Christmas cookies and I decided to do a little spin on the gingerbread we traditionally make. Soft ginger cookies are some of my favorites but I always want them to be 1) spicier or 2) saltier. Voila! Here is just that combo. These cookies are super tasty and reminiscent of all the holiday feels. They are chewy with a crunchy outer edge. The best part, though, are the candied ginger surprises that will stick a little bit in your teeth.

I don’t have much else to say about these tasty treats, but you should try to incorporate them into your holiday cheer because they are sure to be a hit.

Honestly, it doesn’t feel much like Christmas at the moment, but I’m hoping as I consume more of these cookies, the feeling of Christmas will magically fall upon me.

Let’s get cheery!

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TBY’S Favorite Winter Recipes

I was born and raised a child of the snow. Being a capricorn, living in a mountain town, and being taught to ski as a three year old set me up for an infatuation with snow. The first flakes fell just over of a month ago, so I’ve been eagerly wanting to post this roundup. This winter is weird, because I’m living in a valley where leaves are still falling off the trees and turning colors (no complaining there!), whilst the mountains are lightly dusted with the beautiful white stuff. A bit of a confusing situation, but I guess it’s not technically winter, so I’ll give Mother Nature a break.

I’m not sure if winter is my favorite time of year, because I love to watch all of the seasons meld into one another. Trees turning into skeletons then getting blanketed in puffs of snow is an utterly fascinating sight to watch. But so is snow melting and being slurped up by the ground, then turning into the lifeblood for stunning cherry blossoms in the spring. Seasons are great, you guys. To me, they are the breaths of Earth, reminding us that change is the only constant. I think that’s lovely and amazing and enchanting.

I would like to accompany this breath of Mother Nature with five of my favorite wintertime recipes. They will warm the soul and get you out playing in the snow (or whatever the biome you live in has to offer). There’s sweet, there’s savory, spiced, and more! So read on and get making some of my faves!

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  1. Chai Rooibos Almond Cookies

The cookies are a little bit spiced by the chai, but the almond extract adds a earthy, sweet overtone. They are buttery and a bit like shortbread. You can keep the rolled dough in the freezer and cut off as many cookies as you want to bake in one day, or bake them all for a bunch of people to enjoy!

2. Sweet Potato & Yellow Pepper Soup

gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free

This soup made my grandma tell me I am becoming a real woman because knowing how to cook is what a young woman should know how do do(!). Although I don’t agree with women being expected to be domestic homemakers, I know the compliment came straight from her beautiful heart. If it has her approval, it must be tasty! Don’t skimp on the toasted pepitas on top because they make the soup.

3. Spritz Waffles

Spritz, or Spritzgebäck, is a pastry that originated in Germany (I thought Sweden before reading the Wiki page). They are basically sugar cookies with almond extract. They dough is supposed to be pushed out of a pastry bag, and they are traditionally shaped into the letter “S”. Although these waffles are not squirted out of anything (ew), they taste a whole lot like the cookie!

4. Cracked Wheat Rosemary Bread

vegan, refined sugar free

This is my favorite yeast bread recipe on my blog. The perfect combo of crunchy outside and chewy, soft, flavorful inside. Dip in olive oil or coat with butter and you’ve got yourself a hard-to-stop-eating match.

5. Pumpkin Ginger Mug

gluten free, vegan

This mug of love is just that: love on a cold winter’s day. It is not cloyingly sweet and has a bit of a ginger spice. Add a shot of espresso (or two!) if you need an extra kick.

Spirited Pumpkin Pie

makes one 9″ pie

I’m approaching my first college finals week (!!!) and wish this pie was still at my fingertips. That being said, it can and should be part of your holidays.If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that when the holidays come around, I put bourbon in a multitude of baked goods. Holidays are time for joy and cheer so a splash of liquor can make everything a bit richer and merrier!

Before I made this pie for Thanksgiving dessert, I’d never made a pumpkin pie before. I took the reins on this lil buddy and, hot daaaamn, it worked. It was also the first pumpkin pie my grandpa ever ate. He had literally never tasted pumpkin pie, and is one of the absolute pickiest eater I’ve ever witnessed. That was my biggest Thanksgiving accomplishment.

I hope some of you make this pie because it’s not your average pumpkin pie and the candied pecans on top add a lovely crunch. If you do make it, take a photo and tag #thebakingyogini or @thebakingyogini on Instagram.

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Lemon Coconut 4th of July Cake

Happy 4th, friends! If you have a party to go to but still have nothing to bring, fear not because the cake comes together fairly quickly and will blow people’s minds. Well, maybe not but they sure won’t hesitate to leave room for dessert!  The cake is really fluffy because the whipped egg whites created some magic as they baked.  The flavors are light and summery while it still has a nice heft of cake-iness to it. Perfect for pairing with firework gazing!

Let me say, I am so happy to be back and baking! Being in Europe was fabulous, but towards the end I missed making food for myself. Going out to eat for every meal gets to be a bit much. Getting back in the kitchen and whipping up a cake is just what I needed to do today!

This recipe does make a three layered cake (even though the cake photoed only has two).  Everything else is also adapted for a three layer cake as well. The reason I only assembled a two layer cake is because I needed to make one cake for my mom’s barbecue, and one for the party I’m going to. Kill two birds with one stone, yeah? So, you decided if you want a two or three layered cake. If you need to stretch for two parties and one of them doesn’t need as much cake. This is my best solution!

I hope you all have a patriotic and fantastic day because there are many things to celebrate about our nation (SCOTUS marriage decision, anyone?!)!  Make my cake, eat in in great company, but above all else: please be safe out there!

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Coconut Lavender Cookies

makes 3 dozen cookies

I am no longer writing to you as a mere high school student for I have officially graduated from government mandated public education! Woohoo!  12 years of state officiated curriculum and all I got was a piece of paper in a leather-bound diploma holder. Actually I’m not cynical at all about it because my 12 years of schooling was pretty amazing. The vast majority of my teachers went above and beyond to teach what needed to be taught while keepin’ it real, as some may say. I’m ecstatic to be done, but it was a great experience and I feel prepared to move onto bigger and better things.  On a side note, my blog got a shoutout in my graduation speech from our principle. Stoked.

This summer I am going to be posting 1-2 days each week since I am now unemployed, out of school, and have all the time in the world! I’m extremely excited because there are big and new things happening to TBY. I cannot reveal them now, but you’ll be seeing what’s in store by the end of this week.
Next Tuesday I’m going to Europe and I absolutely cannot wait to take photos of all the fantabulous food I know I will be eating.  I’ll leave where I’m going as a surprise to all of you so everything will be just that much more fun!
Anywho, a week or so ago I saw a clearance sale for raw coconut sugar. I’ve been wanting to try it out but 1) it’s darn expensive and 2) I’m usually a bit hesitant to try out new types of sugar due to texture inconsistencies. But by the taste and texture of these cookies I believe that phobia is long gone.  These goodies are soft and chewy with just a hint of lavender and I know you will love them. They are fantastic with fresh vanilla ice cream and the perfect substitute for all of the lemony baked goods I know you’ll be eating this summer.
So here’s to lavender, graduating high school, and summer! I love you guys and I hope you love these cookies as much as I do.

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Almost Flourless Bourbon Chocolate Cake with Pomegranate Sauce

makes 1, 9 or 10 inch cake

My new job is basically the coolest thing and I’m learning so much.  I’m so very stoked on it and I love it so very much but it makes me that much busier.  Also, I’ve been so lazy these past two weeks with blogging.  I’m sorry.  I feel bad.

I think this recipe will make up for my absence.

I made it for Thanksgiving, but be warned.  Do NOT make this a double layer cake.  I was sort of worried that a single layer cake would be eaten up super fast but that was not the case, my friends.  This cake is sweet and rich and SO chocolatey so eating more than a little slice is, like, impossible.  Also, be sure not to over bake this cake because it’ll fall apart.  It will also fall apart if it’s warm, so cool it before serving so you have nice, slice-able pieces (I didn’t do this at first, but I left the leftovers in the fridge and they were much easier to cut).

This cake is awesome because it has a lovely, fruity crunch that compliments the bittersweet chocolate in a beautiful manner.  This pomegranate sauce is a mix between a caramel and a jam so I don’t know what to call it.  It’s chewy but not too sticky.  Just go with it.  This cake is sultry, sexy, and if this cake were to be a person it’d definitely be Angelina Jolie in the movie Salt (when she has black hair) because why not, right?  Also, I’m putting bourbon in everything (that I cook of course), is that bad?  Nahhh.

I’m stoked on this cake and I think you need to make it for the holidays.  It’s that good, my friends.

Let’s get chocolatey!


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Cranberry Maple Breakfast Scones

makes 12 scones

Breakfast over the holiday season should be decadent, warm, and all-around filling.  I tend to eat SO many carbs during the fall/winter season because they make me feel warm and fuzzy.  Queue up the scones, toast, and oatmeal for breakfast EVERY day.

With that, I decided I needed to create a hearty breakfast pastry that will actually fill you up (with some fruit, an egg, or some peanut butter on the side).  If I eat anything other than a breakfast filled with peanut butter or an egg and toasts, I’m hungry in a solid hour.  I love pastries, but they don’t fill me up so I rarely eat them.  Fellow hearty breakfast eaters: these scones may change you.

Since these babies have whole wheat pastry flour, they are denser and seem to be much more filling than most pastries.  Yes they taste great.  No the heartiness does not take away from their yumminess!  These scones are filling, tart, and not too sweet.  They are the PERFECT element of a filling breakfast.

Let’s get full!

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Peanut Butter Caramel Drenched Double Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

makes 1 really rad 3 or 2 layer cake

Well hoooooly schmoly…this cake is BOMB.  I’ve been planning this cake for over a month, you guys because I kept telling a special someone that this was going to be the best cake he would ever eat.  I think I won with this one, so let me explain.

The actual cake is based off a recipe that has been in my family for a really long time.  My mom makes this cake during the holidays because it’s so decadent and chocolatey.  My great grandma Terrill came up with this recipe and it really has lived on.  Her original recipe is called, “Grandma Ts Devil’s Food Cake with Sweet Milk”.  Her’s is really great but I wanted to add some buttermilk to give it a little tang…oh and extra chocolate (chips) because birthdays are for extra chocolate.  Always.

To up the ante of this already fantastic cake, I wanted to coat it in a simply sweet buttercream frosting and put something ridiculous on top.  That ridiculousness turned out to be peanut butter caramel sauce.  Like caramel is great but PEANUT BUTTER caramel is godly.  Literally heaven all smooched into one tiny sauce. Oh, and to top it off, of course I had to put peanut butter cups in between layers AND on top.

If you have 1) time, 2) a special event, or 3) a special person, make this cake! This cake takes lots of love so do not try to rush it.  Put your soul into it, you guys.  I promise it will be one of the best cakes you’ve ever tasted.

Did I mention I rarely even LIKE cake with frosting.  This one however…well, see for yourself!  Tag #thebakingyogini if you make this babe of a cake!

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Let’s bake a cake.

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