Recap of venturing to Netherlands & Denmark

Well I promised I’d update y’all in every country I go to, but now I’m headed to Sweden and have been to two countries already!  We have been walking, eating, then passing out to bed each night since we’ve been here. It has been utterly amazing thus far and I’m in love with Scandinavia.  So far, we have been to The Netherlands and Denmark.  The complete minimalism of both countries is astonishing and makes me want to do a complete purge of everything I have and start anew!  I’ll give a little recap so I can make all of you super jealous of my ventures.


We arrived in Amsterdam after a 10 hour direct flight and had the entire day to groggily sightsee. Our first stop when we got of the plane was a coffee shop (yes, actual coffee) called Screaming Beans. I had a cortado and it was exactly what I needed after that flight.  Plus, it was fantastic espresso.

Walking around with heavy baggage sucked, but the beautiful old buildings made it more than tolerable.  Amsterdam is built atop water, so there are canals everywhere and everything is tightly packed together. This means there are few cars and masses of bikes. All the bikes are either actually vintage or vintage lookalikes.  Very few people lock their bikes…probably because everyone who wants one, has one!

After a solid 12 hours of sleep we spent the next day biking around the outskirts of Amsterdam.  First, we had a breakfast of bread, croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice, meat, cheese, coffee, and house-made jam at our hotel.

We rented our bikes from a place called Velox and they were such cute cruisers! Biking around was remarkable because only a mere six kilometers outside of downtown was farmland.

We biked to a village called Holysloot and had lunch at a cute café. The coffee and sandwiches were incredible.  All of the cheese was fresh and the bread was fresh baked.  We had appletaart, which is basically an apple pie/cake with a side of fresh cream.  Just writing about it is making me hungry!

After a day filled with biking we went to a crazy pub that had over 30 beers on tap!  Luckily, the drinking age here is 18.

The next day we spent walking around Amsterdam again and we saw more tourist attractions like the IAmsterdam sign and Vondelpark.  For lunch, we stopped at a beautiful grocery store called Marqt and bought a variety of food like multigrain bread, smoked herring, exotic sodas, etc. Then, we made our way towards Copenhagen, Denmark by plane!

Amsterdam and its outskirts is a beautiful city. It made me so excited to ride my bike everywhere this upcoming school year because I won’t have a car.  I really, really want to go back again soon!


We arrived in Copenhagen close to 7pm, and I was shot from a delayed flight and a lack of sleep the night before.  The first thing I noticed was how much larger the roads are! I guess it makes sense since whoever built the city didn’t have to build its entirety on top of water.  For dinner we went to some place I forget the name of but there’s no way I could forget the burger I got. It had guacamole on it!  Yay for finding a mexiburger in Scandinavia!

Yesterday was chock-full of walking around the city, and we saw about everything someone could see in the course of 11 hours on foot. We first went to a bakery called Sankt Peders Bageri.  The coffee was gnarly, but we shared a muesli roll and cinnamon bun type pastry that were both so tasty.

We got rained on pretty hard but kept on trekking through it because we were on a mission to see as much as we could!  We went to the Rosenborg Castle…well just the gardens around it and they are spectacular.  The grounds are huge and so well-kept.  There were a ton on benches all around the place and all I wanted to do was read a book in one of them and people-watch.

After wandering around the gardens we made our way to the shopping district and went to a design/department store called Illums Bolighus. It was the craziest store I’ve ever been to. Think a high-end Ikea, designer clothing stores, and high-end Crate & Barrel all in one. My god, Copenhagen’s design game is on fleeeeek, my friends

For lunch we found an area with a bunch of food trucks and found one serving falafel sandwiches and street dogs. Nomnomnom.

After lunch we made our way to a little annex of Copenhagen called Cristiania.  It’s an anarchist community/shanty town that has open marijuana trade called the “Green Light District”. It was insane because all of the dealers have booths set up that are covered in camouflage with little holes for people who want to buy to stick their hands in and grab their weed.  The trade is completely illegal under Denmark law but law enforcement can’t do anything about it. If you read any history today, read the Wiki page about Christiania because it’s craaaay.  For dinner last night we went to this mind-blowing pizza, salad, and drink place called Neighborhood. I got a juice that was apple juice with tarragon and some other spice. To put it gently, it was the best juice I’ve ever had. For dinner we shared a pizza with fresh white fish and potatoes and a salad filled with mixed greens, tomatoes, and buffalo mozzarella. YUUUM!

Today we made our way to a café called Coffee Collective. I got one of their Columbian El Desarollo made using the daggers filter process (drip…but hey filter sounds a hell of a lot fancier!). It was awesome and paired with rolls, croissants, and another cinnamon roll from Laura’s Bakery made it incredible.  The “cinnamon roll”, actually called a Grovsnegl was one of the most mouth-watering pastry I’ve had. This place also had house-made pop-tarts (called hindbaersnitte) that were filled with a berry filling and had goji berries on top. My goodness were they good, I’d take an entire sheet if I could!

This afternoon we went to a modern art museum called The Louisiana (I swear, that’s what it’s actually called) that had an outdoor sculpture garden. It was beautiful.  Now, I’m in Sweden and it’s surreal.  Going to Sweden has been an almost life-long dream of mine and I’m so excited.

Sorry this post is so long, but bye for now because I’M IN THE MOTHERLAND!

Happy Summer Solstice!  (If you got here, thanks for reading my whole post!)

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