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We all know the paradox: Black Friday, aka the epitome of American consumption, comes right after (and even during!) the day we set aside for being thankful for all that we have. There are loads of articles floating around about his subject, but I felt the urge to give my own say. My family has never been keen on Black Friday sales. Usually, we spend our time outside skiing. However, my grandparents love to go to the mall to score some deals on Black Friday. This year, I have vowed not to shop on Black Friday. I will not buy one item today (unless it’s coffee from a local coffee shop!).

Here is my question: how can you enjoy Thanksgiving when you’re anticipating frantic shoppers looking for the best deal? If I had that mindset, I know I’d be stressed out of my mind. On Thanksgiving, all I want to do is cook and be with my family and friends playing games and eating too much. I’m actually writing this post while I’m doing just that and basking in the smells of all the amazing food my family and I have made.

Instead of shopping today, I will be spending time with friends I haven’t seen in months. I will go run around in the snow. I will sleep in. I will make tasty food. Maybe I’ll read a book. I think it’s so utterly wrong that many of us feel the need to shop after saying we are thankful for what we have.

I urge anyone reading this to do something, anything, besides shop today. Take a hike. Call a friend. Go ski! Take a nap. Spend time with family. There are so many beautiful and fulfilling things we can all do today that does not support multibillion dollar companies trying to give the best deal. If you do shop today, go somewhere local and buy something you really like or that someone you love would really like. Don’t spend money because you’re getting a good deal. Spend money because it’s meaningful and will feed your spirit. Spread love, gratitude, and cheer today. It’ll make you much happier than getting the best deal.

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