The Importance of Cooking with Loved Ones

Being out of school for three weeks, I thought, would leave me with copious amounts of time to create recipes, take beautiful photos of the food I created, and then blog, blog, blog about it all. However, I worked more than expected, and took more time to ski and hangout with close friends, who I had not seen in months. Although I wish I had more recipes to share with all of you, I enjoyed my break to the fullest and was able to cook with some of my favorite people.

Cooking with friends and family is something that makes me feel completely fulfilled. As we all know, each and every one of us has to eat, and making that experience communal and exciting is one of the best activities I could ever want to do. So, here is an ode to creating food and memories with friends, family, and friends who are basically family.
During my time off, I had/attended myriad dinner events and the food we all created most definitely tasted better because of all the love and energy that was put into it. My recipe for brussels sprouts with preserved lemon spawned from an experimental side dish at a friend’s dinner party, and DANG they are tasty. There is a special sort of energy that arises when a group of people come together and put their thought and unabashed creativity into food. My friends and I made possibly the best gluten-free baked macaroni and cheese just because we all put our minds to it and threw whatever looked good into it. And that is what food and cooking should be about. Throwing whatever you and your people have in their minds into the food you’re creating.

And for those who don’t cook: you are the best cheerleaders, tasters, dish-washers, and compliment-givers. So here’s to food, a new year, friends, family, and creativity!

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