Skiing, solo road trips, finding unexpected fruit trees, and other ventures

Well friends, it has been six whole months without blogging on here for me and I feel like a lazy BUTT at this point. However, I have been doing multitudes of other activities that strike my fancy just as much of this hobby of mine does. Where in the hell do I even start? From mid-January to now, things have been a’changin’ in some of the best ways. I guess I’ll just give you a list as I do. Ehhhem folks, here you go:

1) Skiing is the main reason my blogging game fell through these past six moths (not school).

1a) Well, I also didn’t have a kitchen in my dorm room so that created quite the pickle.

2) I now have a kitchen (and a house with three badass chicas) with all the fixin’s so LIFE IS GOOD.

3) I passed my first year of college.

4) I got hired to be a steward at an organic garden!!

5) I went on an almost-two-week-long solo road trip through Nevada to christen my first car.

6) I found a cherry tree outside of my house today (OMG!!)!

7) I’m STOKED to be alive and back at this whole blogging ordeal.

Alrighty, folks, so I’ll keep it brief, but I want to share some of the lovely times I’ve had this past semester/beginning of summer! First off, I had more fun this winter than any winter I’ve ever been a part of. Definitely due to making delightfully motivated friends, having bunches of snow, not having classes on Fridays, and skiing in new places. Yup, I’ve met the vast majority of my friends whilst skiing or have become better friends with the people I previously knew through the lovely sport. My skiing distracted me from hobbies like blogging, but honestly, it was completely worth not doing this for a few months because it was fun as hell.

Digging pits for my Avy 1 class
One of my best amigas in some lovely powdah
Glow of a dawn patrol tour
My badass backcountry bitches in action
My badass backcountry bitches in action
Last day of resort season

Not only did I get a bunch of skiing in this semester, I learned a ton about organic garden through an apprenticeship. And through said apprenticeship, this homie landed a job! That’s right, you are now reading the words of a real life organic garden steward. I’m hoping to share a lot of recipes with y’all that use fresh produce from our gardens. I also have a bunch of personal garden projects I need to conquer head on…so I may blog about those too.

Dressin’ up with the garden crew
The garden crew

I also want to share with you some photos from my creepy, lonely, amazing, heart opening, exciting, and FUN road trip! I am buying my first car and decided it needed to be christened with a road trip through basically the most desolate part of Nevada (Highway 6). Umm..don’t ask me why I chose to go through such a barren part of the country on my own but, shit, I did and I came back unscathed with a little bit of my heart in each place I visited. I was most definitely overzealous whilst planning my road trip (I only lasted 3 of the 6 days that I planned to actually camp by myself). U.S. Highway 6 is a LONELY and undoubtedly alien-invaded place, so I want to go back with a friend or two so the aliens aren’t as keen on capturing all of us. Let’s hope not, that is.

After venturing through the frickin’ middle of NOWHERE, I went to visit family in Tahoe. I saw friends and became friends with some lovely souls and ventured around places I’d never been before. It was beautiful and stunning and fabulous.

Camp pasta in Great Basin National Park
The most breathtaking sunset I’ve ever witnessed after eating the pasta from the last photo
Extremely creepy abandoned motel somewhere in Nevada
A meadow where I witnessed a mama bear and her three cubs in California
Picnic Rock, North Lake Tahoe
The not-quite-summit of Mt. Tallac

Now, I’m getting into work mode. May was my month of pure play (even though I’m always trying to have fun) and now I’m getting back on the grind. Yes, I am most definitely hoping that my grinding will involve a lot more blogging and recipes. I will try my best because I do love it so much (even though I forget my love sometimes when I am distracted). I will be around and I hope to share more of my life with any of y’all Internet homies who read what I have to say about my existence.

Oh yeah, and I swear I’ll share a recipe ASAP!

Happy happy hump day, friends! I’m glad to be back!

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A secret location in ze desert

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