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Hey there! I’m Quinn.  I started my blog out of love for creating food and sharing it with others.  When it comes to food, I like to focus on creating wholesome, seasonal recipes that everyone can enjoy both cooking and eating.  I try to use the highest quality ingredients to feed both my body and soul so I can live life to its absolute fullest. And, above all, I love to bake.

I’m just starting out in college and loving it so far. Because of my new budget and living without a kitchen, I know I won’t be blogging as much. However, I am still going to focus on seasonal recipes that are quality and affordable!

I’m an outdoor loving chica who adores:

Being warm




Telemark skiing

Taking photos


NPR Radio shows (especially This American Life)


Ice cream


Getting dirty

and living with an open heart

A little over a year ago I took up the practice of yoga and it has allowed me to accept more of what life hands to me.  I’ve learned that when focus is put into something beautiful, it changes a person.  I now try to practice each day, but that’s not always possible.  I believe in living life to its fullest and eating tasty foods along the way.

Check out some of my recipes and/or life posts and let me know what you think! I <3 comments from all y’all.  Thanks for stopping by, friends!


Photos taken by Daniel Riley

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